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Want to Expand Globally? Gauge Your Audience Before You Engage
The potential to generate demand and grow revenue in global markets is staggering—in fact, research shows 40-50 percent of revenue for large companies comes from outside the U.S. Whether your objective is to expand into new markets, or grow your existing ones, you need to conduct market research and review segmentation data to determine where […] Read more »

Marketers, It’s Time to Proclaim Your Value
“Why don’t we just cut the marketing budget?” Wait, what?! As a marketer, that was my immediate reaction when I read John Staple’s recent blog with this headline. However, after reading Staple’s list of common misconceptions about B2B marketing, I recognized that the goal of his post is to shine a much-needed light on the […] Read more »

5 Technology Questions Global Marketers Need to Ask
To reach 95% of business professionals, a brand must speak 10 languages. That’s a lot of translating, even for today’s modern marketers who now have more than 1,000 marketing technologies available to them for boosting productivity, scaling personalization, and simplifying and accelerating localization. According to a recent study from DNN Software, 15% of marketers surveyed use […] Read more »

B2B Marketers Are Getting Their Swagger Back
Customers increasingly self-educate, consuming marketing-produced content to influence their decision cycle. Pair that with the wealth of closed-loop data available, and marketers can now take legitimate claim for direct revenue growth. As CMO of Cloudwords, Heidi Lorenzen shares her insight on this new-found respect (and responsibility) that marketers have earned in the digital evolution of […] Read more »

Cloudwords CMO Heidi Lorenzen Talks About Global Marketing
This article by Kurt Shaver is from The Sales Foundry. Last month I attended the C-Suite Network conference in LA. The C-Suite Network was created in partnership with Thomas White, CEO of C-Suite Network, Karl Post, Co-founder, and Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chairman of C-Suite Network and C-Suite TV host. One of the executives I spoke with […] Read more »

The Art and Science of Cross-Cultural Communications
An interview by Dov Baron of Full Monty Leadership. “In this show which was filmed at the C-Suite Network Event in Marina Del Ray, California, Heidi shares her own story, her travels and studies that lead her to become not only the Chief Marketing Officer for Cloudwords Inc, but also a leading expert in understanding […] Read more »

Alibaba IPO Underscores Chinese Consumers’ Buying Power
My first trip to China as a student of the language was in 1984, just a few years after the country’s economic opening. The growth and maturation of the Chinese market ever since has been mind-boggling to watch. These days, the Chinese consumer marketplace is no longer an emerging market, but, as the world’s second-largest e-commerce market, a […] Read more »

The Hidden Costs of Doing Global Wrong
Investing in a global marketing strategy can be a major undertaking, both in terms of actual costs (localization of campaign assets) and productivity costs (employee time), but the return on investment can be exponential when it comes to opportunities for increased revenue and market share. However, getting globalization right is critical, because now more than […] Read more »

It Pays to Globalize: Why Marketers Must Embrace Localization
Driving demand, engagement and loyalty with customers around the world is more complex than ever. One thing is simple: speaking a customer’s language is the most fundamental and effective element of personalized communication. How can marketers overcome language barriers to excel at delivering all the right content, to all their audiences, in all the languages […] Read more »

Why Marketers Should Look Beyond Borders, And How To Get There
The digital age has changed marketing forever, amplifying its reach and the voice of the customer. Opportunities presented by real-time data, marketing automation and identity management platforms have enabled marketers to shift from a campaign-centric to customer-centric view of their potential markets. Now as marketers look beyond borders for their next set of customers, they […] Read more »