Cloudwords CMO Heidi Lorenzen Talks About Global Marketing

Cloudwords CMO Heidi Lorenzen Talks About Global Marketing

This article by Kurt Shaver is from The Sales Foundry.

Last month I attended the C-Suite Network conference in LA. The C-Suite Network was created in partnership with Thomas White, CEO of C-Suite Network, Karl Post, Co-founder, and Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chairman of C-Suite Network and C-Suite TV host. One of the executives I spoke with was Heidi Lorenzen, CMO of Cloudwords. Cloudwords is the first cloud-based technology built to help companies automate, manage and analyze their content localization process. Its clients include long-standing household names like American Airlines and Honeywell as well as newer, fast-growth companies like Groupon and Shazam.

Heidi is responsible for accelerating the growth, visibility and value of Cloudwords through high-impact marketing. She counts 25 years of global marketing experience including more than a decade working overseas in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Germany, and Singapore. Prior to joining Cloudwords, Lorenzen held global marketing leadership roles at technology trailblazers Polycom, Interwoven, Autonomy, and GlobalEnglish, among others.

Cloudwords addresses two major trends for global companies:

  1. There are more marketing communications choices than ever. The explosion of digital marketing has resulted in more content being created for social media, marketing automation, and web content management systems.
  1. Companies are looking overseas for great amounts of revenue contributions and that requires more marketing messages be delivered in their audiences’ native languages.

Cloudwords serves this need via a sophisticated workflow system that combines marketing expertise, translation, and a streamlined review process. The results are that content can be translated to various languages faster and at a lower cost than ever before.

One place the speed is critical is with social media. That is because social media is sometimes initiated by breaking news and may even involve dialogue with the market at large (i.e. customers). If translations get caught in slow review cycles, the opportunities will be lost.

Global brand consistency is another benefit. Having a centralized glossary and style guide means the right messages and tone are used throughout the world. CMOs like that.

Another key aspect of Cloudwords’ workflow is what Heidi called “translation memory”. That ensures that once something is translated the first time, it does not have to be re-translated a second time. Once again, this saves time and reduces translation costs.

The Internet continues to make the world seem smaller every day. That means companies will increasingly face localization challenges. As a result, Cloudwords’ future looks sunny.

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