5 Tips for Engaging International Audiences
It goes without saying that no marketing team wants to offend potential customers. Companies invest significant time and resources to ensure spot-on personalized sales and marketing content for target audiences. Marketing to global audiences without localizing content, though, is dangerous to your efforts and perhaps even to your brand’s reputation; not only are you missing […] Read more »

Global Content Marketing: Avoiding Costly Miscommunication
This is from an interview with Charles McKeever of Open Source Marketer. “Have you ever used Google Translate to convert website content from one language to another? I have and while Google does an amazing job of attempting translation, I just didn’t know enough about the language and cultural differences to know if the translation accurate or unintentionally […] Read more »

Marketers, Test Before You Leap (Across Borders)
Today’s marketers have perfected the art of testing. It’s what makes us more effective at delivering the results expected of us. We test landing pages, subject lines, Web layouts, and other elements of our marketing conversations—with good reason. According to HubSpot, A/B testing of landing pages (PDF) can generate up to 30-40% more leads for […] Read more »

5 Tips to Execute Better Global Marketing Campaigns – World Cup Edition
As fans worldwide cheer their favorite teams in the 2014 World Cup, global brands large and small are eagerly seizing the opportunity to market to a captivated audience with multichannel campaigns designed to engage and strengthen their market share. Whether fans call the game soccer, football or futbol, with 32 teams from 31 host countries, […] Read more »

Just keep it simple. Especially when it’s not.
Cutting through the proverbial noise of today’s stimulus-rich, product-rich, information-rich environment is essential to get anyone’s attention. But shouting louder and louder, making even Sham-wow infomercials seem tame, isn’t the answer. More noise just adds to the cacophony and your audience tunes out. If you want to capture someone’s attention (and heart and mind), whispering […] Read more »

3 Traps Hindering a Bias for “Right Action” in Marketing
Ancient philosophers have pontificated for centuries over what is considered “right action.”  Modern marketers struggle, too, with how to focus on what is both action-oriented, and the right thing to do from a business-impact standpoint. We can fall into several traps that can make our actions the wrong actions: Trap #1: We work on the […] Read more »

Tap into the ties that bind
While we’re not in a circle singing kumbayah, we humans are connected to an unprecedented degree because of the technologies and networks available to us. For marketers, this connectedness has single-handedly turned what we do and how we do it on its head. But it also gives what we do more meaning, and more responsibility. […] Read more »

On authenticity: Contrived approaches feel icky, and don’t work
Authenticity is being, talking, and acting like who you really are, whether the “you” is your company brand or yourself. Consumers today are uncannily good at sniffing out a fake personality or greasy sales message, and they don’t respond well to them. They won’t hesitate to let their friends know to steer clear as well.An […] Read more »

Equilibrium and embracing it all
Ancient Chinese philosophy teaches us that the two opposites of everything – the male and female, the light and dark, or yin and yang – are interconnected and interdependent. In fact, the opposing forces are what form the whole, and the interaction of the opposing energies are what makes things happen. There are so many […] Read more »

Go with the flow. But do it now!
Bend, marketer, bend! One of Taoism’s most-known metaphors advises that we act like a reed, not an oak tree. That way, when the strong winds blow, we’ll slant and sway and bow, but we won’t break. This is great advice for marketing professionals. I know a lot of marketers who constantly complain they are at […] Read more »