Heidi Lorenzen

Worldly-wise Marketing and Business
While circling the globe, Heidi has helped fast-moving and game-changing companies, as well as their marketers, be the most they can be. During her 25-year career, she has held executive marketing positions for leading high-tech companies such as Polycom, Interwoven, and Autonomy as well as hyper-growth SaaS trailblazers like GlobalEnglish, RiseSmart and now Cloudwords. She also was an international business consultant specializing in China, and worked with the world's most renowned business and political leaders in her 7 years at Business Week magazine (ask her to tell you her Henry Kissinger story!). Born in New York City, Heidi's career has allowed her to call many lands her home: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Germany, and Singapore. But wherever she is, Heidi's most at home leading change, repositioning companies, building legendary teams, reaching lofty goals, and "pushing the envelope" on creativity and innovation. At the same time, she is often referred to as "the voice of reason" and someone even said she put the 'zen' in Lorenzen! This is a highly revered and rare fusion in today's fast and frenzied business environment. Heidi is known for her ability to see the deeper potential in companies, products and people, then pointing her passion, creativity and strategic thinking to create the absolute highest value from them. She is dedicated to helping companies reach their goals and potential in ways they may not have otherwise discovered, and to helping marketers stay productive, sane and happy in what is perhaps on of the most challenging career paths today! Heidi holds a B.A. summa cum laude from Middlebury College (where she also learned to speak Mandarin Chinese, which she's fluent in), and an MBA in International Management from New York University's Stern School of Business (which included a semester at the Chinese University of Hong Kong). She now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, and serves as CMO of Cloudwords.

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Heidi Lorenzen

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