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CMO tenure: Up, up and away!
The pity party is over for CMOs. While it’s still popular sport for CMOs to gather and complain about the short tenure of a CMO (urban legend puts it at an exaggerated 18 months), silently more and more CMOs have been staying on board longer and longer. The latest Spencer Stuart study shows that within […] Read more »

I Strive for “Marketing Moksha”! Say, what? Moksha??
People say the world “moksha” reminds them of “moxie” or “mojo.” My neighbor says he thinks of “milkshake.”  These are all good things, especially for marketers (except, of course, milkshakes – moderation is advised there). Moksha (pronounced MOKE-shah) is a Sanskrit term that means to liberate, release or free. You can think of it as […] Read more »